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My stepdaughter Creason turned me on to Poshmark to spring clean my closet of so many clothing items that I’m looking to get rid of. Many of my things have hardly been worn or has been worn at red carpet events. I have everything from shoes, jewelry, designer fashions, casual wear, fun outfits and great maxi dresses to choose from. I will be putting new items up continuously throughout the year. I’m having a blast with Poshmark because it’s a great way to clean out my closet and make room for great new items I can find maybe in YOUR closet? It’s such a fun way to shop constantly for great deals on just about everything! You get a $5 coupon when you sign up using this code BDJHK to start shopping! Sharing what’s in other people’s closets is how you grow on Poshmark and you can make money, clean out your closet of unwanted items and shop for designer clothing at bargain prices! Check it out and become a Posher with me!

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  • I totaly love you and all your wonderful cloths and things you have.
    You have such great taste and have a pure heart and soul. So I’m sure
    I can find great things . Me on the other hand I don’t have much i think
    anyone would want. As they are inexspensive simple things you can buy at
    stores Like Ross dress for less. Love them. They sale name brands for less
    but will for sure check yours out. Sending love and hugs your way . That is
    one of my favorite dresses of you as you look so beautiful in orange.
    your dear friend Elizabeth d Harrison.

    • admin

      thank you dear Elizabeth!

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