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«If you want anything personally signed by Devin, please send a self addressed stamped envelope with $20 cash per item you want signed to the following address:»@Address


In 1987 Devin appeared in the high school comedy with Patrick Dempsey that Disney and Touchstone made a classic hit with “The Beatles” title tune. Devin was “Iris the virus” and had her first love scene with Ronald when he recited Cindy’s poetry to her. Although she was one of the cool kids that Ronald wanted to be near, her boyfriend was Geraldo Mejia. Who could forget the “African anteater ritual at the dance that they started?

Devin was in the classic high school comedy “Can’t Buy Me Love”

Devin’s first leading role as Clarissa Carlyn was indeed memorable for 1989.This dark comedy thriller would become a cult classic today and has recently been re-released with a new featured interview with Devin on Blue-Ray DVD.

Coffee, tea or would you like me to pee in it?
– Clarissa Carlyn