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It seems like I’ve been getting alot of attention for my cooking since I was a guest star for Finland’s most popular cooking show, “American Food Battle” with Henri Alen owner of “Muru,” the best French restaurant in Finland. I know how much you guys have been wanting me to do a cooking show and it seems like South Africa is also interested in this prospect as I’ve been invited to show off my culinary skills in one of their top rated cooking shows to feature some of my favorite signature dishes. cajuncooking

American Food Battle

I figured with this growing interest and the success of “Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning” it would lead to having my own cooking show eventually and I’ve always been open to doing that with the right proposal of course. It turns out that Finland is interested in creating a new cooking show with me and Henri Alen now in hopes of having it shown worldwide.  Finland is also interest in carrying our spice. I love this idea as it will shoot shows in LA at our home and in Finland. Ronn will also be a part of it as we will cook with celebrities. Sounds like Ronn’s Garage a bit huh? 

Cooking is such a natural part of my existence that this wouldn’t even feel like a job to me and would actually be tons of fun I’m sure! I could then share those quick, easy and healthy recipes you have been asking for and showcase all of my secrets on a regular basis. “American Food Battle” is seen in 50 countries but not in America, so I can only share a clip of our amazing cooking battle. Henri challenged me to make “Gumbo” and we blindfolded Ronn to pick the winner, sorry but I can’t tell you that information at least now until it airs which will be tomorrow.


In the meantime, enjoy the Ronn’s Garage segments I’ve done in the past with celebs like, Sean Kanan, Rove, Dilana, Lorenzo Lamas and Katherine Kelly Lang and know that I’ll be back in the kitchen soon!

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