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  • Venezia Film Festival wearing Jennifer Tattanelli
  • Ronn Moss, il primo indimenticabile Ridge di Beautiful, e la moglie innamoratissimi e mondani a Maratea: foto
  • Meet Me In Germany!

    Meet Me In Germany!

    I will make my first personal appearance in Dortmund, Germany this Sunday Sept 30, 2018

  • Belgium Cover Story

    Belgium Cover Story

    I’m spending the next few months in Europe mainly in Belgium and here is a cover story from Primo magazine on all of what we are doing there!

    Proud to have won my third Emmy as a producer on “The Bay” for “Best Digital Drama Series!” Look for “The Bay” to release it’s new season in August on Amazon Prime!

    I have alot more news to share in the coming weeks from Europe and will be livestreaming on Periscope so please follow me there at http://periscope.tv/devindevasquez!

  • Beautiful Belgium

    Beautiful Belgium

    Welcome to my new site makeover, hope you guys like it! I will be keeping in touch more often throughout the summer!

    I am having a wonderful time in Beautiful Belgium this summer spending most of my time on the beach in Blankenberg with Mr. Prince. We had the wonderful opportunity to go and see the New Power Generation and Prince was once again with his childhood friend Andre Cymone who was the lead singer for NPG.

    Belgium is also known for it’s great food and beer and I had wonderful drinks on the beach! Looking forward to sharing more of my travels throughout Europe this summer! Don’t forget to follow me on Periscope at http://pericospe.tv/devindevasquez as I hop on live throughout the summer and chat with you guys!

    Wishing all our friends back home a wonderful 4th of July weekend!! Please feel free to leave me comments and let me know how you like the new site!

  • Fashion Designer Lantie Foster

    Fashion Designer Lantie Foster


    New York fashion designer, Lantie Foster is a true inspiration to all women who aspire to have a career in fashion. Her new exclusive interview in now posted on Woman To Woman. Please go and leave a Read More

  • Playboy News

    Playboy News

    Detail Devin article**

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  • New Photo Shoot

    New Photo Shoot

    I recently decided to get back in front of the camera with my hubby taking some new pics of me and wanted to imitate the iconic Elizabeth Taylor.


  • Emmy Winning Producer

    Emmy Winning Producer

    I can’t believe we just won the Daytime Emmy for our webseries “The Bay” in the New Approaches category for Best Drama this past weekend! My husband Ronn and I are producers of this amazing series and this was our second nomination. It’s very surreal to now add this to my career and I am very much in gratitude. Our Emmys will be coming in the mail in a few weeks and I will post a photo with it then. Congratulations to our amazing cast and crew and to all the winners and nominees from this year’s Daytime Emmys!


  • Shop In My Closet!

    Shop In My Closet!

    1a0m905w81ny9m51My stepdaughter Creason turned me on to Poshmark to spring clean my closet of so many clothing items that I’m looking to get rid of. Many of my things have hardly been worn or has been worn at red carpet events. I have everything from shoes, jewelry, designer fashions, casual wear, fun outfits and great maxi dresses to choose from. I will be putting new items up continuously throughout the year. I’m having a blast with Poshmark because it’s a great way to clean out my closet and make room for great new items I can find maybe in YOUR closet? It’s such a fun way to shop constantly for great deals on just about everything! You get a $5 coupon when you sign up using this code BDJHK to start shopping! Sharing what’s in other people’s closets is how you grow on Poshmark and you can make money, clean out your closet of unwanted items and shop for designer clothing at bargain prices! Check it out and become a Posher with me!

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