Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

When I wrote “True Age, Timeless Beauty” it was for the purpose of helping to inspire and enlighten others with the things I’ve learned in life. I love to write about what I know and I instictively knew almost 8 years ago when I was inspired to write this book that the message would be a great help to others, especially women. At the time, more men followed me because of Playboy and my modeling career, but I wanted to change that and get women to understand who and what I really stood for and that’s helping women see who they really are and how powerful they can be, especially now. We are living in a very spiritual time and feeding our souls is way more important than just focusing on our bodies. True Age, Timeless Beauty is a spiritual awakening of how easy it is to keep your life in balance and manifest anything you desire, including anitaging. I’ve seen others do it and I’ve practiced it myself. It’s not about cosmetic surgery or anti aging creams, it’s about thinking and feeling good each and everyday. It’s about how we view ourselves and what’s important in life. 


Part of who I really am is a spiritually evolved soul that has learned alot of valuable things and it’s my job to share them, otherwise it’s of no use. My thoughts, writings and actions have led me to this here and now in life and my goal is to empower others with this knowledge. So I am teaming up with a wonderful husband and wife duo. Dr. Donald and Lisa Waldrep who have the Cureprogram dedicated to a different approach to weight loss and wellness. Dr. Waldrep is a pioneer surgeon with his revolutionary weight loss wrap plication procedure that is less invasive that other surgeries. His wife Lisa is a former attorney who now specializes in spiritual wellness of the body, mind and spirit. Together they help empower people through their issues around weight loss, eating disorders and self-esteem. This helps them get rid of the yo yo diets and fads and have a healtier, happier view of themselves and their bodies, which only can lift their spirits and help enlighten everyone around them.

Speaking EngagementsWhen I met this dynamic duo I knew they were something special and was blown away that Lisa immediately asked me to join her amazing team. She wanted to read “True Age, Timeless Beauty” because of an article she was writing for a magazine and found that we had a similar way of thinking. Like magnets we are drawn to the right people at the right time to take us where we need to go and I could see that my desire for this book would be going in a great direction with them. So this was a no brainer for me to simply say, “I’d be honored to join your team.” So it’s safe to say some speaking engagments will be my future and I couldn’t be happier about that!

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