By Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

From uncomplicated questions like "Can medical professionals deal with snakebites?" to extra advanced ones like "How does a scorpion sting?," this e-book grants the solutions young children want.

Whether they have been stung via a bee or obvious lethal animals on the zoo or on tv, childrens are excited about and scared of toxic creatures. This booklet explains every thing approximately those animals, from how they produce their venom to how they have been utilized by people to win wars and kill prisoners. Trivia-hungry readers should be surprised to profit that the king cobra can develop to a size of 18 toes and that a few ants can use their poison to place out small fires.

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The clown fish stocks the fish it draws with the ocean anemone. Portuguese man-of-war ANIMALS risky to the touch Are frogs toxic? certain, so much are. Frogs, and toads, too, have targeted glands that make powerful poisons. They use this poison to protect themselves from enemies, to not seize prey. once they are scared or excited, poison oozes out onto their pores and skin. a few poisons are robust adequate to hurt different animals. The poison burns the mouth of any animal that attempts to consume the frog. In a number of instances, the poison is robust adequate to kill. A kiss may possibly swap a frog right into a prince in a fairy story. yet it’s no longer anything you must test in actual lifestyles! What do toxic frogs appear like? they're often brightly coloured. The coloring warns the frog’s enemies to stick away. occasionally a snake or chook grabs a toxic frog with its mouth. The frog’s poison burns and numbs. This teaches the enemy a lesson: by no means contact a brightly coloured frog! Which frog has the most powerful poison? The poison arrow frog, also known as the poison dart frog. so much poison arrow frogs have brilliant styles of purple, black, yellow, eco-friendly, or blue. They’re often present in the tropical rain forests of South and relevant the US. humans glance out for this wet, slippery, and quite small frog, that is in regards to the size of your thumb. A unmarried drop of the very robust venom from a poison arrow frog may kill greater than 1,000 humans! 34 American toad 35 Poison arrow frog How do local humans use the poison from poison arrow frogs? For searching animals within the rain wooded area. a few hunters dip darts within the venom from poison arrow frogs. They positioned the darts right into a blowgun and shoot them at their prey. while a dart moves a monkey or a jaguar, the hunter follows the animal and waits for it to break down and die. Rain wooded area hunters have some ways to take away the poison from the frogs. a technique is to roast them on sticks over a scorching hearth. The hunters acquire the poison that drips out of the frogs’ pores and skin and rub it on their darts. One frog provides sufficient poison for fifty darts. How did old Romans use the poison from toads? For homicide! thousand years in the past, Romans used the poison from toads to kill their enemies. anyone who acquired a mouthful of poison may well die in an hour. at the moment, an individual wrote that “crushed frogs soaked in wine are stable opposed to the poisoning of toads. ” We wager that recipe was once used whilst the assassin had a metamorphosis of center! Poison arrow frog 37 What occurs if an individual steps on a stingray? lots. Stingrays are huge, flat fish with lengthy tails. They lie buried in sand at the ocean backside. Sticking up from their tails are a number of lengthy, stiff, sharp spines. while somebody steps on, or perhaps touches, the backbone of the stingray it instantly injects the sufferer with a robust dose of poison. The Romans used the stings to regard toothaches. That’s a technique to take someone’s brain off his or her problems! What sea creature is extra risky than the stingray? The stonefish. This darkish, wart-covered fish spends such a lot of its time at the ocean flooring taking a look like a rock.

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