Ethiopia and Eritrea have a desirable and certain avifauna. Poorly recognized compared to many elements of Africa, wisdom on chook distribution within the nations is scattered during the literature. For greater than 35 years, the authors were painstakingly amassing poultry files within the quarter and plotting them on half-degree maps, together with released files, information from museum specimens, sightings from their very own wide travels and, extra lately, files from the various birdwatchers that now stopover at Ethiopia. The ensuing atlas presents, for the 1st time, a correct evaluation of the distribution of every of the 870 species identified from the 2 nations, together with important details on breeding. The succinct textual content summarises the consequences and discusses distribution to subspecies point. wide introductory chapters conceal issues equivalent to topography, geology, crops, weather, habitats, conservation, migration, breeding seasons, chicken ringing, and the background of ornithology within the quarter. This groundbreaking booklet fills a wide gap within the literature for essentially the most different and least recognized components of Africa.

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